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Located on the opposite side of the bay from São Martinho do Porto, the Salir beach is fed by the Tornada river and also enjoys the calm waters of the protected bay, making it another child-friendly, safe swimming beach. The beach is also home of the famous 50M sand dune that is fun to slide down. There is a boardwalk that stretches from Salir to São Martinho do Porto which makes for a beautiful walk.

Boardwalk Salir do Porto
Salir do Porto Dune

Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, this beach is inserted into a beautiful natural scallop-shaped bay, which protects it from strong winds and the waves of the Atlantic and boasts calm and transparent waters. It also features numerous shops and restaurants making it the perfect beach for a day out with the family. It is ideal for younger children who can enjoy a dip whilst their parents relax on the warm sands or enjoy a refreshing drink on a terrace looking pleasantly out to sea.

S Martinho do Porto water sports
Lagos de S Martinho do Porto
S Martinho do Porto, Praia beach


This vast beach is located between Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto. The sea is usually quite rough and there is a steep incline to the sea with a strong undertow making swimming here dangerous and therefore, not recommended. However, it is a quiet and beautiful beach for sunbathing or taking a long walk.

Praia dos Salgados, Salgados beach


The ocean beach is located in the town Foz do Arelho and it is renowned for its natural beauty, the quality of the water and sand. On the horizon you can see an enormous and lovely massif known as Gronho. To the right you can also see the archipelago Berlengas. The sandy coast is vast and wide and it blends with the water of the ocean and the Lagoa de Óbidos in various areas, depending on the opening of the mouth of the lagoon.

This beach differs from others because of its excellence, not only of the quality of its natural resources, but also of the quality of the services rendered to the bathers. It has been awarded the Quercus Gold Quality Flag.

Praia do Mar in Foz do Arelho


The Lagoon beach has a breathtaking landscape. It offers a magnificent sandy coast located in the confluence of the Lagoa with the sea and its coastline has a green landscape. It is renowned as a summer holiday destination for families because it is safe for children and it has been awarded the Blue flag.

In the Lagoa you can practise many different water sport activities all year round, mainly: Sailing; Windsurfing; Canoeing; Rowing; Kite boarding; Jet skiing, Nautical Skiing and Stand Up Paddle.  The Lagoa is the longest coastline lagoon system on the Portuguese coast. Its fauna includes various species such as clams, cockles and mussels.



A place where modernity and tradition come together in harmony. Here you will find all of the commodities and services you may need; from bars, to restaurants, shops, and more. The beach also carries a charm that’s unique, as travellers can often see fishermen mending nets along the beach. Surfers also frequent the beach, always prepared for the next big wave this ocean offers.

The worlds largest wave was surfed in Nazaré and now they have a big wave surfing contest every year 2016 was the first year for this and they were happy no one was serisouly hurt or killed. 

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